Healthy Pune


To make Pune a healthy city


To help grow healthy companies and bring smart snacking into the workplace

What is HealthyPune?

  • Healthypune is an initiative of to aware people of Pune about their health & healthy eating habits.
  • It is a positive, innovative approach. No more untimely, unhealthy snacking!
  • It meets all the latest workplace requirements in terms of conviviality and vitality: now you can have a healthy, tasty snack!
  • We deliver fresh fruits to your office from Monday to Friday.

What is HealthyPune?

Why is it necessary?

Because of busy life style no one has enough time to take care of his own health, according to survey only 5% people will take fruits daily in their diet. Others are not aware about the health requirement and not getting the balanced nutrition. That's why they may suffer from different nutrient deficiency diseases and other health issues. So this is our one participation in the change of employee's lifestyle for having a healthy lifestyle and also prove productive in your organization

Fresh fruits brings wellness into the workplace, boosts morale, and increases productivity. When you invest in your staff and workplace wellness program by providing healthy eating options like fresh fruits, you are repaid in greater output, improved loyalty, increased employee retention, and potentially lower healthcare costs.

Why HealthyPune?

Why healthy breakfast is necessary?

  • Improvises Memory power
  • Energy revitalization
  • Increases concentration
  • Your impulse control
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Smiley Faces

Your team members will eat our yummy fruit and find themselves with renewed energy and productivity. They will thank you. Junk food consumption will go down. Happiness will abound, smiley faces all around

How we can improve?

We visit your company and aware people about eating healthy specially morning breakfast.

In order to get the healthy food at affordable price, we deliver Quality & fresh products right at your company location. Package has been listed as below:

How we can improve?

  • Daily Bulk package
    • Based on company package
    • Daily different fruits package
    • Nutrition chart daily
    • Health knowledge
    • Delivery every morning at break time
  • Individual package
    • Individual employ health package
    • Monthly package with daily delivery

Delivery Terms

  • Our delivery is Free anywhere in Pune.
  • Delivery time will be as per your convenience.

Return Policy

  • If you don’t like the fruits at time of delivery, you can return on the spot.


For any assistance or queries, you can call us at +91 9146819676 or mail us at